Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I took these cutie-pie shots of Jack yesterday. He is 4 weeks old and such an easy kid. Sure I'm still up every three hours in the middle of the night, but I'm actually enjoying that time when the house is quiet, and it's just me and him.

This morning he went in to see the doc for his 4 week old check up. Poor thing had to get a shot. I hate that. I understand the need for the vaccines, I just wish they could administer it by adding it to their bottle or like a temporary tattoo or something. Since we were there, Josh got a flu shot. He jumped up on the table, chose his leg over his arm for where to put it, engaged me in a game of 'thumb war' to ease his nerves (of which he apparently had none!), and then as he got the shot, he looked at me like I was a traitor. Maybe I should've explain exactly what he was getting. But after a few tears and lots of snuggling, he left the doctor's office telling people that his body is now strong enough to fight off the flu germs. He even flexed his muscles to demonstrate this new strength. What a champ!
Poor Gillian doesn't have a clue that in 2 hours, after I pick her up from school, she's getting a flu shot too. I'm not thinking a thumb war will ease her fears though...

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Chris Freeland said...

I'm pretty tough, and have a fairly high threshold for pain, but pass out every time I get a shot or give blood. Josh is tougher than me.

Jack's eyes are so cool. I don't know if you can describe babies' eyes as having "depth," but his seem to. They're like those morning glory pools at Yellowstone.