Sunday, November 30, 2008


My beautiful Mamaw died one year ago today. And I'm having an awfully hard time dealing with that today. On Friday, a friend of mine and her sweet daughter came over and made gingerbread houses with my kids. This was something that I did with my Mamaw and Papaw every year. I have been anticipating that this season is going to be hard for me. Not only did my Mamaw die last year, but two of my friends committed suicide as well.

I'm thinking of them today and remembering the joy they brought into people's lives, especially my own. And I'm grateful for the time I had with them. As far as I know, they were all believers, so I can look forward to seeing them again one day. And I can be comforted knowing that they are no longer in pain. These are all good things, but it still really, really hurts for those of us who loved them who are still on this side of heaven.

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