Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well Loved

We are feeling the love. Ben's mom stayed with our kids while we were at the hospital. She got up early, got Miss G to school and picked her up everyday and loved on her and Josh like only a Grandma can. The day Jack was born, my dad flew in to meet his new grandson. Here are a few shots from that love fest. And of course Papaw brought presents for all his grandkids and got Ben and me a gift card to a restaurant. My dad has been there to greet each of my kids into the world, and I am so grateful for that.

Our dear friend Rebekah and her sweet mom flew up on Friday to stay for the weekend and help us adjust to life at home with three little ones. They were so tremendously helpful, making my older two feel so special and adored. The first night they were here, Rebekah stayed up with me as I fed Jack, and the second night, they took my kids to their hotel with them so they could have a fun sleep over. If there are three things that my kids know for absolutely certain it's that God loves them, I love them and Rebekah loves them.

Josh is in love with Rebekah. He told her that he dreamed that he married her and that they had kids. She's 15, he's 3. Oy. They had taken the kids out to breakfast after their hotel sleepover, and there were those little plastic spider rings on the tables. Josh grabbed one and put it on Rebekah's hand and said that he was going to marry her. Seriously, this boy is smitten.

Rebekah had a birthday last month and had received birthday money from her family. She bought herself a drink to accompany her as she spent nearly all of her birthday money on clothes for my kids. One year, she convinced her youth group at church to buy Christmas presents for my kids since my husband had been in an accident, and all our money was going to his rehabilitation. And last year, she saved up babysitting money to buy me a kick-butt camera to better my photography business. I've never met anyone like her. Our family is very blessed by Rebekah and her loving family.

We also had Grandma and two aunts and a cousin come over Saturday night. Here's a precious photo of Jack with his cousin.

A lady from my MOMs table at church just brought over some super yummy looking minestrone. My sister in law wrote to tell me she's sending a meal up with my mother in law tomorrow (Grandma's coming over with professional photography equipment!!!), and another lady from my MOMs table might be bringing more edible love by to us on Friday! I don't know what we would do without these expressions of love. My family has been carried through so much. We've been the lucky recepient of well-cared-for hand-me-downs, free babysitting and meals that would put those Food Network stars to shame.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last few days. Enjoy!

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