Monday, September 01, 2008

Joshy Washy

I thought perhaps my last post was a bit Gillian-centric, so I've decided to balance it out. Here are some fun shots of Josh from the past week.

He and Gillian were playing with the markers, making beautiful artwork. Josh has yet to learn that I only want ink on the paper I give him. You should've seen the rest of his body! And yes, that's a macaroni and cheese half-moon under his chin in the first pic.

The kids aren't the only ones getting down and dirty for their art. I made this little art project recently and finally hung it above my kitchen table yesterday. They're not lining up right or staying straight, so I'll probably get some tacky to add to the bottoms of the pictures. I just took some pictures of us and some of our favorite things and played with them on Photoshop. Then decoupaged them onto some wood pieces that I had painted white. Cool, huh?

We got a bit of rain yesterday, and just as it was finishing up, I saw this gorgeous rainbow.

Rain: how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

And one more of Josh that just about sums up exactly how I'm feeling these days.

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