Monday, July 14, 2008

We May Need an Extra Room for the Tooth Fairy

Yeah, that's right. Miss G has lost her second tooth. We were getting ready for church yesterday morning, and the kiddos were wrestling (what's new?), and then there was a collision between her mouth and the Joshinator's knee. I told Gillie to get a wet washcloth to hold to her mouth, and then less than a minute later, she runs into my room giggling and squealing with delight. Her other tooth had been knocked out.

Hubby said that the tooth fairy may have to start leaving I-O-U's if this keeps up. :)

and here's what just slays me. When she got her first visit from the tooth fairy, she immediately asked to go to the dollar store. I laughed, because I too used to spend every cent I had as soon as I had it. But once we got there, she picked out one thing for herself, and then told Josh, me and her dad to get something for ourselves. She even picked out something for Jack. I didn't let her, although maybe I should have since it was her money to do with what she decided. I told her that I would be happiest watching her pick out things that she liked. She relented, but still had to buy Josh a stretchy, sticky centipede.

Well, we just got back from our second visit to the dollar store after she awoke this morning to find the tooth fairy had visited yet again. She bought Josh two things this time. She said that she wanted to get him those particular two toys "with all my heart." How can you question that?

What a heart this girl has! She asked me how much money she'd have if she saved all her tooth fairy money. At $5 a tooth, and about 30 teeth, I told her she'd have about $150 dollars after she lost them all. Here was her response : "Wow! Then I could REALLY help the poor!"

Is it possible for a parent to be any more proud of her kids? I think not.


Chris Freeland said...

Seems to me Peter Pan grew up without even knowing it.

What a cool daughter, and a generous tooth fairy... I think inflation is going to kill the tooth fairy. I used to get $.50 per tooth, and thought I was the richest dude in America.

chloeadele said...

no kidding! i used to get a quarter a tooth, and I was thrilled out of my skull! the generosity comes from hubby. he really wanted to blow her mind. he didn't figure it would also blow our budget. :)

Sheri said...

Generous tooth fairy!

The little gal is too cute for words!


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