Monday, July 21, 2008

Rockies, indecent dogs, and marriage

Yesterday after church, my family and I went to a Colorado Rockies ball game. I love baseball and have wanted to see another game live for a while now. My sister in law had been given tickets but couldn’t use them, so we snatched them up and offered the spares to some friends of mine we had already made plans to swim with. We all preferred the game over swimming, so we went. It was really fun to see the Rockies cream the Pirates. My kiddos were total studs. They cheered, they sat in their seats, and they didn't complain or whine. What’s funny is that we had bought some peanuts, and my friend had brought some cracker jacks, so during the seventh inning stretch when we all sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, we were able to bask in the realization of how cool we were.

After the game, we offered to drive my friend and her daughter home. They had taken the rail to get there. We bought an SUV recently so that when Jack is born we’ll have enough seats to drive everyone around in one vehicle, so we had enough space for all of us. When we got to her apartment, we were greeted by her cute little Boston terrier. I must have been giving off some sort of inviting pregnancy smell or something because not only did this dog french me, he grabbed a hold of my arm and started to hump me! The least he could have done was offer to buy me dinner first! Sheesh!

We drove home, and after picking up some Popeye’s Chicken for dinner, we settled down with the tv because we were just too exhausted to do anything else. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp was on, and Gillian begged us to let her stay up and watch it. Josh had already fallen asleep, and Ben and I would just be doing the same thing anyway, so we agreed. (Ben thought she'd fall asleep long before it was over. Yeah, he must not know her very well!) During a commercial break, she leaned over to me and said that she has a crush on a boy in her Sunday school class. I asked her who, and she said his name is Eli and that he has hair like King Peter from the Narnia movies. (She loves that guy!) She then informs her dad and me that she will marry him. We’ve heard this before about another boy, so I asked her, “But what about Jake? I thought you were going to marry him?”

“Mom, I’m sure he’ll find another girl that he likes more than me that he can marry.”

“Well, you’ve got a long time before you can marry, what if you meet someone that you like more than Eli?”

“I already like someone more than Eli. Who I really like the most is God, but I don’t think I can marry Him.”

And I nearly pass out as I gasp for breath in between my spasms of laughter. What a girl!

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