Saturday, June 21, 2008

signs of life

I've mentioned before that I'd been feeling the baby move recently. Now I definitely feel him everyday, and last night for the first time, I felt him kick my hand. I was reading and had laid a hand on the belly when he 'made contact.' It was so lovely. I had Ben rest his hand there too, and as soon as Daddy started talking, Jack kicked his hand. It was nice seeing Ben's excitement. He mentioned that it has got to be really weird to have something kicking you from the inside. Although it is a bit weird, it's such a divine opportunity to bond with your child before you can hold him in your arms and look him in the eye. I feel so blessed to be a woman who has this privilege. And I love that I can share a bit of that with my husband. I think it probably helps him to connect as well. I tried to get the kids to feel it earlier, but Jack wasn't cooporating. I'm sure it'll happen many times though before he is delivered.

I love being pregnant!


Chris Freeland said...

Kari thinks the baby moving is pretty cool. I think it's weird.

Seen too many alien movies I guess...

chloeadele said...

you wanna see alien? you should see the eyeball shot on my ultrasound pictures! that is definitely out of this world! not just the eye sockets, my nurse got an eyeball. so weird!