Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok, you guys can see from the shots in my previous post that yesterday was gorgeous and sunny and warm. I've been sitting here all morning hoping that it'll be warm enough by lunchtime to put our new pool outside, but it has just started snowing. snowing! what nerve!

and I thought Texas weather was crazy. sheesh.

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Jenn said...

Snow - I bet you Texas people are loving it! I hear y'all had snow again this week.

So thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)

The Crawfish boil was fun not a lot of FBCN people there (or should I say Chase Oaks)- I think it was Sharefest weekend. But it was really good to see Lisa and Jeff. The crawfish were yummy. You should have a crawfish boil next year with your new friends.

So are you pregant? You said something on my blog that made me think that. If so congrats! When are you due???