Thursday, March 27, 2008


I keep hearing this word - fierce - in conversations about modeling and fashion. So I thought it was time to show you turkeys what fierce really looks like.

That's right. I 'ink'd up' my son with these temporary tattoos. Our dear friend Rebekah sent these to Josh for his birthday, and today he asked me to put them on him. What's funny is that yesterday, we were at the Target customer service counter, and the guy who was helping us had a nose ring. Josh asked him, "What's that in your nose?" The guy politely answered that it was a nose ring and asked him if he liked it. Josh turned to me and said "I want one!"

Now I have no problem holding a damp cloth with a few colorful pictures to my son's chest, but the idea of him piercing his nose is making me weak in the knees. Even thinking of him doing it when he's like 40. Which is hysterical given my past.

Here's some more pics from our little photo shoot this afternoon.

This boy knows how to melt his mommy.


Chris Freeland said...

Whoa. That's intense!

I think the nose ring would look good on Josh. Even better would be those sweet tubes guys are putting in their earlobes these days.

chloeadele said...

I've also considered getting the spacers in my ears. I'm always losing my pens. I'd love to just have a convenient place to put them all the time.

I've got twelve holes in my ears, pierced my navel once myself, once professionally, and I have three non-temporary tats. I used to think that it was inevitable that my kids would also someday use their bodies as a canvas. BUT Ben has done nothing like this. He likes the look of the close-cut facial hair and briefcase. That's about the extent of his bodily decorations. So perhaps my kids do have a chance of not turning their bodies into billboards of expression...

What concerns me is the as of yet unknown, but wildly popular, NEW form of physical marking that is sure to make its way into the hungry hearts of young people everywhere right before my kids are of the age that they'd want to jump on that bandwagon. oy vey.