Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jesus Glasses

I keep hearing this phrase passed around. Catch the Vision.

As if it’s barreling down the railway with all sorts of like-minded people aboard and that if I don’t jump onto that particular bandwagon, I will be left behind, blinded by the cloudy exhaust of confusion and missed opportunity.

So I’d better catch that vision, right? What’s that look like? I imagine those who do catch the vision carry around a butterfly net of sorts, sneaking up on this vision and catching it so that they can dry it out, pin it down, label it and display it for others to observe.

A little twisted, I know. But I’ve never claimed to be normal, so don't look so shocked.

The only vision I really care to catch is Jesus’. If I could have a supernatural wish granted, I would wish for Jesus’ vision. I want to see people the way He sees people. I want to see their worth. I want to see the ideas of this world for what they really are so I will know whether or not to invest my time in them. I want a pair of Jesus glasses.

So what would I do with these glasses if my wish came true? I would tell the people of the world how much they mean to God. I would tell them that they are beautiful. I would tell them just how much they are worth.

But I don’t really need a divine pair of glasses to do that, now do I?

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