Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Necessity of Faith

I firmly believe that we can not prove the existence of God. If it were possible, I believe there wouldn’t be so much talk about faith in the bible. If it were possible, none of us could doubt His existence. The gospel doesn’t make sense to us. That doesn’t make it untrue, but for us to judge the many in our world that don’t come to faith easily is ridiculous.

I also believe that one day God will not keep His existence hidden any longer. I believe that every single living thing will bow down before Him upon His revelation. I eagerly look forward to seeing Him receive the glory and honor that He deserves.

There are things in this world that make questioning our existence, our purpose and our origin unavoidable. These are the things that led the people of long ago to come up with myths and stories to try to answer these questions. Religions were born out of these attempts to explain the world around us. I really wish people didn’t consider Christianity a religion. Real authentic Christianity isn’t about rules and regulations. It’s a relationship with our Creator.

Christianity is about having a relationship with God through grace. The God of the Jews, the same God of Christianity, the one and true God of the universe and everything in it, created us and this world in order to have a relationship with His creation. I don’t know why, other than to bring glory to His Son, Jesus. But Jesus wasn’t really introduced to us until after we’d rejected His Father, God. Now don’t get me wrong. Jesus wasn’t created by God in order to fulfill His plans and draw us to Himself. Jesus has always been. He was there when the world was created. He always has been and always will be. We believe that Jesus is kind of a manifestation of God. They are One. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. He is able to exist in many places at once, in many times, in whatever form He chooses. We do not believe that when Jesus was born, that God left heaven to embody His Son. We believe He was in heaven looking down upon us all.

Huh?! As you can see, there is just no earthly logic capable of understanding this. Our brains just weren’t designed to understand. That’s why we need faith. And in many of our cases, it is blind faith because we can’t actually see the power that is changing our lives. But for those of us who have accepted the grace extended to us by God, through His Son’s atoning sacrifice on our behalf, we ARE changing. There is SOMETHING changing us. Even now, before we are to experience eternal life with God.

It is sheer arrogance that leads us to assume that human logic and reasoning is capable of figuring out the God of the universe. There are many that try though. All these people are looking for is a taste from that apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. See, we still haven’t learned our lesson!

In our faith, there is a response from heaven. I know that when I read the bible as a non-believer, it just didn’t make any sense at all. Now when I read it, I understand a bit. I can almost feel it. I don’t know how to explain that, but my faith doesn’t ‘seem’ so blind anymore.

So what hope is there for those seeking to experience God in a way that could strengthen their faith? God sent us His Holy Spirit, a ‘person’ of God who interprets God’s will for us in a way. He also communicates our true needs to God when we don’t know for what to pray. He’s sort of like the mediator between God and us. He reveals our hearts to God and God’s heart to us. We don’t aurally hear Him. (At least not the majority of us, I’m guessing. But I’m not about to put any rules before God!) We receive Him once we begin to believe that God is who He says He is. And that He will do, has done, and is doing, what He’s promised.

God has taken the first steps. He created this world that leads us to ponder ‘who did this?’ He made a way (the Mosaic law and the sacrifices we were to make when we broke those laws) for us to make ourselves right before Him. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die as our sacrifice once we couldn’t make sacrifices anymore. And He’s sent Christians like me to introduce Him to the world. All we have to do is respond in faith, no matter how small. All it takes is a heart that’s willing to accept this crazy idea that there’s truth to what God has said. And then He shows up. And you don’t doubt anymore.

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