Monday, December 31, 2007

I would like to be able to tell you that in the past year I...

Successfully kept to a diet and exercise regimen.
Better organized my stuff.
Moved out of our small condo.
Successfully treated my health problems and was able to get pregnant.
Never yelled or grew inpatient at my children.
Sold so many photographs on iStockphoto to allow my husband to quit his job and fall asleep in a hammock every afternoon.

Instead, I have to tell you that in the past year I…

Continued to wear the same size clothes I did last year.
Purchased a gym membership and only went to swim with the kids. I think I went to work out once.
Realized that I desperately need someone who knows how to organize.
Had several dreams where hubby and I were entertaining our grandkids in this condo.
Saw no improvements whatsoever with my health problems, and I still have no reason to buy these adorable maternity pants I keep seeing.
Probably yelled and grew inpatient daily with my kids.
Had a few photography jobs but didn’t sell a single photo online.

However, in the past year I also…

Was matron of honor in my friend’s wedding.
Did NOT have to have surgery of any kind. (a big accomplishment!)
Almost finished reading the entire New Testament. (I still have a few chapters to go!)
Successfully taught my daughter to start reading.
Improved my photography skills. (and just got an AMAZING camera to go along with those new skills. Thanks, Rebekah!)
REALLY improved my relationship with my husband. :)
Have increased my faith and love for my Heavenly Father.

In the next year, I am hoping to…

Become increasingly gentler.
Be courageous enough to help those who God puts in my path.
Measure up to the trust that has been placed in me by so many people.
Continue to place my trust and faith where it belongs – GOD.
Get into smaller pants.
Get into those maternity pants.
Have a level of contentment regardless of my circumstances.

Here’s to a great 2008!

May God bless you!

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