Friday, June 29, 2007

They're celebrating in heaven!

I'm helping out Adat Shalom's VBS this week. This is Gillian's first VBS too. She is really enjoying it, and I've been so grateful to see her response to what she is learning. Yesterday it started raining just as we were about to get home from seeing a movie. She prayed that God would make the rain stop until we got safe inside. Just as soon as it started, it completely stopped while we got upstairs. As soon as we got upstairs, we heard it start up again! I always thank God for revealing Himself to her in simple answers to prayer like that. She knows that He doesn't always answer her prayers the way she wants Him to, but when He answers some of them so specifically like that, her faith grows leaps and bounds.

The teachers asked the group of kids if they had asked Jesus into their hearts yet, and I was surprised to see Gillian raise her hand. So I asked her about it this morning. I knew that she had talked with Ben about it recently, and that at that time she didn't want to pray with Ben about it. So this morning, I asked her if she had asked Jesus to come live in her heart, and she said she wanted to but didn't know how. So I explained that she needed to acknowledge that she sinned and needed Jesus to save her from those sins. She ended up praying to God for salvation! I'm not sure she really understands everything, but I have prayed that God would draw her into a closer relationship with Him and that what she understands now would just be the starting point to a life spent living for Him.

She does know that before Jesus came to earth, whenever someone sinned, they had to sacrifice their best lamb to 'cover' their sins with the lamb's blood. She knows that God sent Jesus to be our 'sacrificed lamb' whose blood not only 'covers' our sins, but 'washes' them clean off. And she knows that she sins and needs her sins to be erased before she can have a relationship with God and therefore needs Jesus to be her sacrificed lamb. At least she understands it as much as a 4 year old can. But she's heard it all several times and can repeat it to you.

Isn't that awesome? I LOVE being able to see these young kids grow in their knowledge of and devotion to our King. Especially when it's MY KID! I'm so grateful to be able to offer her an alternative from this rotten world and it's lies and deceptive, counterfeit priorities! I'm so grateful to be able to share the truth with her so that that hope can carry her through all her life's struggles.

I just thought I'd share my excitement with you!

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Chris Freeland said...

What a great post. They're rejoicing in heaven... and in Fort Worth too...

Sounds like she's "got it" more than I had it until I was about 19 years old.

I wish I was there to hear all about it from her. Your post was great, but I bet Mary Lou tells it better ;)