Thursday, January 18, 2007

wanted, but not needed

I was reading a friend's newsletter today and was struck by how un-needed we are in accomplishing God's plan for this world. Seriously. How many times have we disobeyed God in a way that could've disrupted His plan only to see Him use it for His good? The Bible is filled with experiences like this. My life is filled with experiences like this.

So should we just go about our lives without trying to fulfill God's plan if it's going to be accomplished despite us anyway? Aren't we just making more work for God?

Knowing God, He loves us so much, that He wants to reward us later for the kingdom work we do now.

I can relate. I know that I can quickly and efficiently fold and put away all the laundry, but when I ask my kids to help, they are rewarded with knowing they are mommies' little helpers. They usually don't do it the way I would, but their little hearts fill up with pride and worth when they feel needed and useful. How in the world could I ever keep them from that joy? Sure it might mean more work for me later, but the benefits for my children are far more desireable to me.

Maybe that's the way God looks at it too.

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