Tuesday, March 28, 2006

defending your beliefs

When I share my belief in Christ with people, I have noticed that those who don't want to listen to me also won't take the time to rebuke me. They say it is a waste of time.

Why are you believing in something you won't spend the time to defend? Perhaps it's not worth it.

I come to them with my beliefs because I believe so strongly in them – I trust them completely to be true. I respect people, like people, even love people enough that I want them to know the truth too.

I don’t see them trying to convince others of what they believe. Is that because they think it is rude to share what they think could possibly benefit another? They believe what they believe because they think it’s right, right? Well, are they just going to sit back feeling smug and cocky and watch the rest of us all struggle with our lies? Where is the love in letting their loved ones go on living with false beliefs?

If they truly believe their beliefs benefit them and are the truth and that all us others are wrong, why don't they care enough about us to show us the error in our thinking?

Do they not care about anyone but themselves?

Where’s the love?

I figure there is no love. I figure there is fear. Fear of being proven wrong. In my opinion, if there was some knowledge out there that proved my beliefs wrong, I would want to hear them so I could stop believing a lie and start seeking out the truth. The sooner the better.

"My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with facts."


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